The fall of Daggerdale

Deception and befrail are closest when not expected.


The party will be well welcomed by all because of (Add Name here). Because of their heroism, they are treated like royality. Durring this time, (Add Name here) is meeting with shady characters that are turning him against his friends. The party is happy with solving the problems of the town and surrounding peoples, no matter how small those problems might be. Things start going arrie in the town just after the adventures arival. The seriousness of the problems starts to become more and more serious. The final problem becomes evedent when the shady characters try taking over the town in public. Many of the towns people rise up, along with the adventures and their friend. In a critical moment in the battle, (Add Name here) changes strageties and his friends. Causing the adventures to flee for their lives into a Mt. pass ruled by monsters. What will they do?

The fall of Daggerdale

(Add Name here)= Asher Ensted

The fall of Daggerdale

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